APS welcomes Race for Water to Bali

APS Welcomes Race For Water to Bali

Today Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia welcomes the Race For Water Foundation to Bali during their third of five-year expedition around the world. Their mission is to spread awareness about the urgent need to preserve our oceans and we are proud to support this environmental cause. APS proudly stands behind the teams incredible passion towards promoting […]

West Papua officially becomes the world’s first Conservation Province

At the end of April 2019 the government of the West Papua province, on the island of New Guinea passed legislation that the Eastern Indonesian province would establish as the country’s first ever conservation region. The legalities would ensure that sustainable development and conservation are at the frontline of any economic activity or development. The […]

Komodo National Park closure update

With the recent reports from Indonesia regarding the Komodo National Marine Park closure. APS would like to clarify that visitors needn’t worry as this will only be a partial closure and most will be unaffected. Visitors can still expect almost the exact same experience and viewing opportunities when visiting the National Park to spot the […]