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With our yacht trip planning let us plan your journey through the Indonesia archipelago to some of the most breathtaking and exclusive destinations. Explore uninhabited islands, white sand beaches with gin-like waters and savour gastronomic delights from globally recognized chefs. Multi-hued sands of pink, blue and black surround lush jungles and rivers which flow through the habitats of endemic animals, mammals and birds of paradise. From the exquisite sunrises over active volcanoes to romantic sunsets where starry skies meet the turquoise ocean.

Private guided tours to some of the most remote villages to experience the culture of tribes following age-old techniques for survival, immerse yourself in the local customs and celebrations and gain insight into their daily life and the history of the areas.

Whether you want to plan a helicopter trip over Raja Ampat, go diving amongst the manta rays, dugong and whale sharks in Komodo National Park, gain VIP access to Borobudur temple to see the sunrise over central javas rolling hills or have a game of golf at one of Indonesia’s most prestigious and globally recognized golf courses in Bali. Our yacht trip planning team have a network of connections and arrange exclusive itineraries for unforgettable experiences throughout Indonesia.

Personalised Cruise Plans

Our experienced team create specially designed trip plans for cruising the magnificent waters of Indonesia. Taking you to some of the most remote waters, for unforgettable experiences which will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Trip Plans for Yachts Indonesia
Destination Highlights

 We have built extensive knowledge over the years. Read about some of our favourite destinations from around Indonesia.



Bali is known as the island of the gods and the jewel of the Indonesian crown. A melting pot of diverse cultures amongst local cuisine and the influence of international expats from every corner of the world.


The island of Lombok in West Tenggara is located east of its popular touristic neighbour Bali. Fast becoming a popular destination for those looking for something a little more unique, away from the tourists in Bali or hustle and bustle of Jakarta.
Sumbawa (3)Sumbawa (3)


The ninth largest island in Indonesia and separated from Lombok by the Alas Strait. Sumbawa is a deceptively larger island, bigger than Flores and fifty percent larger than Bali and Lombok combined.
Komodo (6)Komodo (6)


Located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores is Komodo National Park. Home to the famous Komodo dragon.
Diving in Raja AmpatDiving in Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is home to many protected areas and international conservation groups who work to preserve the global epicentre of tropical marine biodiversity and land-based natural habitats for many endemic species which makes it one of the most spectacular yacht cruising destinations in the world.
Cenderawasih (1)Cenderawasih (1)


A bay stretching more than 300km northwest of the Indonesian province of Papua. At the eastern side of the Indonesian Archipelago is Cenderawasih Bay. Collectively with Raja Ampat, they make up the Bird’s Head Seascape. Containing secrets of the regions geological history and tectonic evolution.


Located on the coastal region east of Kaimana and a small harbor town southwest of West Papua often labelled the mini Raja Ampat. Triton Bay is an up and coming site known for its magnificent scenery, limestone like islands, abundant marine life and alluring flora and fauna.


The Asmat region is located southwest of the Papua province located on the western island of New Guinea. Getting its name from the region it covers but also the Asmat tribe who inhabit it.
Sulawesi N (3)Sulawesi N (3)


Within its many islands, North Sulawesi is a treasure trove of opportunities to explore the natural environments of endemic, sought after species above and below the water as well as cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes.
Spice (3)Spice (3)


Due to their remote location, the islands known as the Spice Islands are rarely visited by tourists but provide a spectacular cruising ground for yachts.
Ambon (1)Ambon (1)


Known as Ambon Manise meaning sweet or beautiful. The capital city of Ambon has been developed by the cultivation and trade of spices and is the largest city of Maluku Province. Colonized by Portugal in 1526 who were later driven out by the Dutch until Indonesia’s independence in 1945.
Manuk (1)Manuk (1)


Located nearly one hundred miles off the Banda Islands is the andesitic volcanic island of Manuk. The island rises 3000 meters from the Banda sea floor at the easternmost part of the Indonesian Island arc.
Forgotten IslandsForgotten Islands


The Forgotten Islands is a remote part of the archipelago that comprises a total land mass of 75,000 square kilometres and encompasses 1027 islands where terrains vary from forested mountainous peaks to flat islands mostly dominated by savannah, mangroves and broadleaf forests.
Kai Islands (7)Kai Islands (7)


The Kai Islands (or Kei Islands) are a group of islands in the south-east of Maluku Province and a sought after venue for watersport. Diving, snorkelling pristine beaches and land exploration such as caving, trekking and climbing are all possible.
Halmahera (2)Halmahera (2)


Pulau Halmahera is the largest island in the Maluku Island province shaped with four mountainous peninsulas and scores of active volcanoes. The area is dotted with scenic lakes, caves and surrounding islands some of which are still unexplored.
Morotai (7)Morotai (7)


Located north of the larger island of Halmahera in the province of North Maluku, Morotai Island was once a World War II military base and airfield for the Japanese.
Sumatra N (7)Sumatra N (7)


Stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Strait of Melaka, North Sumatra borders Aceh province on the northwest with Riau and West Sumatra provinces to the southeast.


The Mentawais are a chain of about seventy islands and islets approximately 150 kilometres off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia with the islands lying off the Sumatran coast across the Mentawai Strait.
Sunda (1)Sunda (1)


The Sunda Strait lies between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra and connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean with one of the world’s most famous active volcanoes, Krakatoa.


The Indonesian province of South Kalimantan is one which is located on Borneo Island and native to the Banjar tribe which make up the majority of the population still holding a rich indigenous culture.
Anambas (5)Anambas (5)


The Anambas Islands are part of the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Located in the South China Sea between the Natuna Islands and Singapore, formed by lagoons which separate the island group.
Java (4)Java (4)


Central Java is one of Indonesia’s richest and most diverse regions. From dramatic landscapes perfect for hiking to taking in the view from on top of Mt Merapi.
Flores (1)Flores (1)


The beauty of Flores begins with its name meaning flower in Portugese. The island which possesses a myriad of environments and scents hailing from coffee roasting in the hills and clove cigarettes to the unmissable scent of the ocean.
Alor (4)Alor (4)


Nestled at the eastern end of Nusa Tenggara is the Alor Archipelago encompassing 20 islands and 17 subdistricts the government protected area hosts an array of splendours, attracting avid divers and those wishing to understand the unique culture of the highland people.
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