Manuk Island

Located nearly one hundred miles off the Banda Islands is the andesitic volcanic island of Manuk. The island rises 3000 meters from the Banda sea floor at the easternmost part of the Indonesian Island arc. Its land is uninhabited, with sea vents surrounded by yellow sulphur blowing steam and fumes made up of steep cliffs […]

Kai Islands

The Kai Islands (or Kei Islands) are a group of islands in the south-east of Maluku Province and a sought after venue for watersport. Diving, snorkelling pristine beaches and land exploration such as caving, trekking and climbing are all possible. It’s an excellent spot for big game fishing and the island groups are home to […]

Forgotten Islands

The Forgotten Islands is a remote part of the archipelago that comprises a total land mass of 75,000 square kilometres and encompasses 1027 islands where terrains vary from forested mountainous peaks to flat islands mostly dominated by savannah, mangroves and broadleaf forests. Surrounded by deep and translucent waters providing some of the best diving in […]

Banda (Spice Islands)

Due to their remote location, the islands known as the Spice Islands are rarely visited by tourists but provide a spectacular cruising ground for yachts. Located between Celebes and New Guinea it denotes its name from the large numbers of aromatic plants that grew and provided a highly profitable spice trade in nutmeg, mace and […]


Known as Ambon Manise meaning sweet or beautiful. The capital city of Ambon has been developed by the cultivation and trade of spices and is the largest city of Maluku Province. Colonized by Portugal in 1526 who were later driven out by the Dutch until Indonesia’s independence in 1945. The city still holds a rich […]