The ninth largest island in Indonesia and separated from Lombok by the Alas Strait. Sumbawa is a deceptively larger island, bigger than Flores and fifty percent larger than Bali and Lombok combined. Its rich history is traditionally known as a source of sappanwood, honey, sandalwood and the climate of vast grasslands allow a healthy breeding […]


Where stunning beaches lay among majestic views of Mt Rinjani. Exceptional marine life, fascinating culture and a dynamic landscape home to indigenous tribes and fertile environment for land animals and sea creatures. The island of Lombok in West Tenggara is located east of its popular touristic neighbour Bali. Fast becoming a popular destination for those […]


Bali is known as the island of the gods and the jewel of the Indonesian crown. A melting pot of diverse cultures amongst local cuisine and the influence of international expats from every corner of the world. Cruising the waters of Bali will have guests spoilt for choice at the variety of pursuits which Bali […]

Komodo National Park

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