Komodo National Park closure update

With the recent reports from Indonesia regarding the Komodo National Marine Park closure. APS would like to clarify that visitors needn’t worry as this will only be a partial closure and most will be unaffected. Visitors can still expect almost the exact same experience and viewing opportunities when visiting the National Park to spot the famed Komodo Dragons. “It’s business as usual in 2020 with the only modification to yachting itineraries based on the expected closing of (only) Komodo Island and the Komodo Dragon treks on this island,” announced APS Indonesia’s Thomas Taatjes.

There is a lot more to Komodo than Komodo Island enabling our clients to continue to enjoy seeing the dragons and the many other attractions available. Both Komodo Island and Rinca are the homes of Komodo Dragons with Rinca Island the smaller of the two but boasting a higher population density. Previously treks would be more often arranged on Komodo Island but due to the temporary closure by the government of ‘on land’ activities we will arrange trekking experiences at Rinca temporarily.

The cluster of islands which make up the UNESCO Komodo National Marine Park encompasses the main islands of Padar, Rinca Island and Komodo Island as well as 26 smaller islands which span 219 hectares overall. The decision to close Komodo Island by the Indonesian government is set to be a year long shut down for restoration purposes and to rejuvenate the islands, the dragons and their habitat. It is proposed that the closure will begin from January 2020 but the nearby two islands of Padar and Rinca along with the 26 smaller islands will remain open for visitors. It will be the work of both the regional and central governments, overseen by the Ministries of Environment and Forestry which will see the National Parks conservation and regeneration of the land and habitat of the dragons and other species.

Viewing the dragons are only a small part of what makes the Komodo National Park famous. Our clients will still be able to enjoy the many other activities and attractions which the park offers including the exquisite underwater marine ecology and diving opportunities. These attractions will not be affected by the closure and boats can visit and dive exactly as was enjoyed before.

APS Author

APS Author

Lead author of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia and a regular contributor to South East Asia Pilot.

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