Dr Andy Lewis to represent APS Indonesia at the Singapore Yacht Show

It is our pleasure to invite Dr. Andy Lewis as a guest and representative of Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Indonesia at the upcoming Singapore Yacht Show. As our premier guide and consultant scientist Dr Lewis will be the opening speaker at the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference and will be discussing the current status of the reefs of the Coral Triangle and the opportunities for superyacht cruising through the region. As CEO of the Coral Triangle Foundation Dr. Lewis will also outline the opportunities for participation and collaboration in the sustainable reef management programs which the foundation is responsible for.

Dr. Lewis’ leadership role in the foundation plays a valuable role within the APS Indonesia yacht guiding team, often requested by dive enthusiast vessel owners to accompany them on their nautical cruises within Indonesia. His maritime experience, vast knowledge of coral reef ecology and clear simple explanatory style adds an educational element to the diving experience of guests.

APS Indonesia holds a strong value towards protection of the environment and sustainable marine operations and incorporate these values into the company’s Code of Conduct. We appreciate Dr Lewis’s partnership with the APS team and dedication to furthering our understanding of coral reef protection in all our operational and support services while providing our clients a world-class guiding service.

Dr Lewis’ talk at the Superyacht Conference is guaranteed to be an engaging and compelling presentation of up to date information and experiences which we strongly suggest those attending the conference do not miss.

APS Author

APS Author

Lead author of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia and a regular contributor to South East Asia Pilot.

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