APS welcomes Race for Water to Bali

Today Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia welcomes the Race For Water Foundation to Bali during their third of five-year expedition around the world. Their mission is to spread awareness about the urgent need to preserve our oceans and we are proud to support this environmental cause. APS proudly stands behind the teams incredible passion towards promoting innovative solutions to transform plastic waste into energy and preventing plastic waste from reaching our waterways through social and business models which encourage its collection.

Established by Marco Simeoni in 2010, his passion for the seas and entrepreneurial skills led him to launch the world expedition which contributes to scientific research and environmental awareness with a mission to identify, implement and provide renewable solutions for end of life plastics. The latest 5-year world cruise began in 2017 to demonstrate the existence of practical solutions for preserving oceans through social awareness and proving that a vessel can complete a world voyage powered through a mix of solar-hydrogen-kite energies.

The yacht which carries 5 crew members will travel across the globe stopping at 38 points over 5 years. Beginning in Lorient, France in 2017 it will finish back in France at the end of 2021. During its coverage, the R4W boat will be an ambassador of energy transition using only sun, wind and the ocean as energy sources. Together with the boat the team will deliver workshops dedicated around plastic waste and energy solutions. With the objective to bring together groups of local business leaders, government officials and organisations which in turn will help to educate the wider community.

APS team will meet with the foundation during their stopover in Bali where they will attend an onboard press conference to understand the foundation, their mission and discuss the implementation value chain for plastic waste. From encouraging the collection of plastics through social and business initiatives to the remuneration, processing and energy generation. We are excited to be a part of this great movement and standing behind such a worthy cause to make a change now, and inspire future generations.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia would like to thank the Race for Water Foundation for the opportunity to support them during this voyage and stopover in Bali. It was our pleasure to provide them with berthing arrangements, clearances and ongoing shore support whilst in Indonesia and look forward to following their Journey around the globe.

APS Author

APS Author

Lead author of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia and a regular contributor to South East Asia Pilot.

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