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As a superyacht services agent in Indonesia, Asia Pacific Superyachts specializes in offering superyacht services for clients, owners and crew. We make visiting Indonesia simple with first class service tailored to suit your yachting needs. With head office in Bali and servicing Raja Ampat nothing is impossible for our experienced team.

Dedicated Support
Our experienced international team will be on hand 7 days a week ensuring your needs and  requirements are handled diligently and efficiently.
Clearance License

The only superyacht services agent in Bali  holding SIUPKK license, meaning we can legally clear yachts in and out without requiring the use of a third party.

Independently Owned
Our office is independently owned and operated and we take personal pride ensuring we exceed the demanding expectations of our valued clients.
Why You Can Trust Us? Our Values

Your guests deserve the best, at Asia Pacific Superyachts we make that happen. As the most trusted superyacht services agent in Indonesia, we are on the ground to take care of all your superyacht needs even before you arrive. From port clearance, visas and bunkering to top quality provisioning and expert guiding itineraries.

Our superyacht support Indonesia stretches as far as your crew and guests need. We cover areas all over Indonesia including some of the most remote corners to give your guests an unforgettable cruising experience and make your life as crew easier. With over 11 years industry experience we create relationships with our clients and continually deliver top quality service beyond expectation.

Proud to offer our clients experiences they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Not only do we provide a streamlined service for all yacht needs, customs clearances and fueling but we create bespoke itineraries for your cruise through the untouched and pristine waters of the archipelago.
Yacht Support Indonesia – Superyacht services agent in Indonesia

11+ Years Supporting yachts in Indonesia

Our aim is to build trusted relationships with our clients. The services we provide at Asia Pacific Superyachts are tailored differently for each of our clients and their yachts. Our superyacht support Indonesia team are proud to have built a long-standing reputation in Indonesia and our network of trusted professionals which we work alongside to deliver all the support and guidance required for a world-class yachting experience.

Client Testimonials
S/Y Billy Budd

Awesome people to work with, very helpful, very efficient, always available at any time.

Would highly recommend!


S/Y Billy Budd
Captain,  Egbert Lucassen

To whom it may concern;

We worked with the team at Asia Pacific Superyachts whilst the vessel was in Indonesia.

From the initial planning stages until after our final departure, the APS team were nothing but professional, efficient, resourceful, and quite honestly, indispensable.

M/Y Bravado is a very busy private yacht, with a heavy cruising schedule and an ever-evolving itinerary, to which the team never faltered in understanding and adapting to both owners’ needs and requests.

Their combined thorough local knowledge and expertise, along with their professional stress-free approach was instrumental in the success of our itineraries and I would like to credit the team as a whole for making them such. All services provided by APS (activities, bunkers, clearances, dockage, guides, logistics, permits, pilotage, provisions, transportation, etc.) were handled and arranged with the utmost of care, without hesitation, and completed without failure.

I look forward to returning to Indonesia and working with Thomas and the APS team again in the future, it truly was a pleasure.

M/Y Bravado
Master,  Mark A. McDowell
Superyacht Raja Ampat Indonesia

We did a trip from Bali to Sumba to Komodo and back to Bali from December ’19 to Jan ’20.

Thanks to the team from APS Indonesia. Your service makes cruising in Indonesia easier and enjoyable. From a simple stop in Bali to complex situations and remote cruising, you have the experience and connections to make things run smooth.

I personally enjoy our visits with you. Indo is always hard, Bali especially with the expensive pilotage and difficult dock options. I also know that if we ever had a major problem you are the guys we want on our side. You have the best connections.
Cheers mate.
M/Y 80 meter
Captain,  Gregory Dunn
M/Y Latitude

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia have supported and organized three trips for Latitude in the Indonesian archipelago. One in Komodo, One around Raja Ampat and Northern Misool and the most recent from Timor through the Forgotten Islands, the Spice Islands in the Banda Sea, Southern Misool and up to Wayag in Raja Ampat. I can categorically state that all three trips were flawlessly organized and were made memorable thanks to the team at APS Indonesia. From arrangements for cruising and other permits, Crew visas to provisioning, fuel, trip planning, guest pick-ups & flight arrangements, everything could not have been smoother and more pleasant. In addition to the support functions for the yacht itself, APS has the most amazing trip guides and dive guides with unmatched knowledge of the best dive spots, snorkeling sites, touristic sites and anchorages. I would not recommend any Superyacht to undertake a trip through the Indonesian archipelago without the support of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia. Their sourcing capabilities & local knowledge is invaluable.

M/Y Latitude
Owner,  Anil Thadani

The yacht had come 4 years ago to Raja Ampat. Returning in 2019 it is quite natural that we have appointed APS again as agent. And we are very satisfied! Before our arrival and throughout our 3 Raja Ampat cruises as well as during our quiet period spent in Bali, the APS team has always been at our listening, met all our needs and without delay. I strongly recommend APS for the competence of its local manager and I wish to thank the limitless involvement and kindness of their local agent networks who manage all our clearances, provisioning, transportations and even more.

Captain,  Patrick Netten

Very happy to say our trip in Indonesia, with our Boss, went very smoothly. Working with good people (APS team and dive guide) made my life easier and the whole experience truly memorable. We will be back for more!

Cenderawasih Bay was extraordinary. We did not give Raja Ampat enough time, but what we saw was a rather pleasing area to cruise and dive.
Captain,  Robert Johnston
Superyacht Bali Indonesia

Hi, I and the owner were very happy and feel supported by Hary and the crew of APS. We will definitely recommend APS and look forward to another trip to Indonesia. Thanks again!

M/Y Akissi
Captain,  Gerard Bordeleau

Ohana has been in Indonesia under the care of APS for over 4 years. If you’re ever looking for professional, local knowledge, old fashion excellent service when sailing through Indonesia then contact these guys, to put it simply, they make a hard job easy, giving you time to enjoy your holiday and time on your boat, thank you Thomas and team for making our time in Indonesia so memorable. We will be back with APS next time! :):):)

M/Y Ohana
Owner,  Brett Fennell
Race For Water Vessel

Our stopover in Bali was a real success with the support and time that all the APS team gave us. They helped us above and beyond doing the clearance work for the stopover. So again thank you for all from all of us from Race for Water!

Race for Water Vessel
Stopover manager,  Virginie Caron

S K A D E was based in Indonesia for six months during the time I was the captain onboard. Thomas and his team at Asia Pacific superyachts were able to help us with every aspect of running the yacht in a remote part of the world, Crew and guest visa assistance and advice, import and export of goods and parts, provisioning, fuel, sourcing of parts locally, local guiding and trip planning assistance and more. Nothing was too much trouble for the team, night or day.I can highly recommend Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia to other Captains or yacht Owners planning a cruise through Indonesia.

Captain,  Stephen Moon
Le Bateau

We spent three months based in Bali with Asia pacific as our agent. Over this time the support from Asia Pacific Superyacts Indonesia was excellent, Thomas and his team were consistently available to help and assist in all aspects of yachting. From provisioning to spare parts to sourcing outstanding engineers to assist when required. The Asia pacific team are on call 24/7, professional and friendly. I could not recommend them enough.

M/Y Le Bateau
Captain,  Johnny Harte
M/Y Latitude

The APS Indonesia team were with us 24/7 during a trip we found had more challenges than mainstream cruising destinations. The Skill and local understanding of Thomas and his team were able to provide was wonderful. The APS guide was excellent the owner, guests and crew loved to have him onboard and his local knowledge was excellent.

M/Y Latitude
Captain,  Edward Shiels

We had a great trip to Raja Ampat, the owner and guests enjoyed it very much. Fitri does an excellent job as a local agent in arranging the clearance into Sorong and she is always very accurate in assisting us in all possible ways during our stay. It was a pleasure to have worked with her (again). Arif the dive guide also did an excellent job, we were very happy to have him on board. He knows all the exact dive locations and assisted the owner and guests very well during the dives. Always trying to do his best on requests from the owner as we made quite some changes to the original cruise planning. Arif gave very good advice for the next cruise in Raya Ampat and other areas to the owner, who wants him to join next time. He also helped us out on the bridge during navigation and finding the right and safe anchor positions in the area’s (with bad chart coverage). He was very helpful and I can highly recommend him as a dive guide on mega yachts.

M/Y Lady Candy
Captain,  Jo Bartholomeus

We want to thank you very much. Fitri is perfect in her job, she seems to know everyone and she gets things done. Our entire interaction with her was a pleasure. And it has been the same with you. We plan to make sure you get some good publicity from our experience with you and APS Indonesia.

Buffalo Nickel
Owners,  Stan and Valerie

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work. You guys really do set the standard for yachting agents – so on the ball, always planning/thinking ahead and an absolute pleasure to work with. Hopefully see you all again soon!!

M/Y Octopus
Purser,  Rebecca McArdell

Just a few words to express my full satisfaction for the service that the APS team provided us during our Sorong/Raja Ampat cruise. She has been perfect. I take the chance to recommend you the dive guide Tigor Awom. Tigor has proven to be a serious person, skillful diver and shown us a great knowledge of dive sites as well as area and anchorages for our and guest satisfaction.

M/Y Lady Candy
Captain,  Gabriele Sanna
Destination Highlights

 We have built extensive knowledge over the years. Read about some of our favourite destinations from around Indonesia.



Bali is known as the island of the gods and the jewel of the Indonesian crown. A melting pot of diverse cultures amongst local cuisine and the influence of international expats from every corner of the world.


The island of Lombok in West Tenggara is located east of its popular touristic neighbour Bali. Fast becoming a popular destination for those looking for something a little more unique, away from the tourists in Bali or hustle and bustle of Jakarta.
Sumbawa (3)Sumbawa (3)


The ninth largest island in Indonesia and separated from Lombok by the Alas Strait. Sumbawa is a deceptively larger island, bigger than Flores and fifty percent larger than Bali and Lombok combined.
Komodo (6)Komodo (6)


Located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores is Komodo National Park. Home to the famous Komodo dragon.
Diving in Raja AmpatDiving in Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is home to many protected areas and international conservation groups who work to preserve the global epicentre of tropical marine biodiversity and land-based natural habitats for many endemic species which makes it one of the most spectacular yacht cruising destinations in the world.
Cenderawasih (1)Cenderawasih (1)


A bay stretching more than 300km northwest of the Indonesian province of Papua. At the eastern side of the Indonesian Archipelago is Cenderawasih Bay. Collectively with Raja Ampat, they make up the Bird’s Head Seascape. Containing secrets of the regions geological history and tectonic evolution.


Located on the coastal region east of Kaimana and a small harbor town southwest of West Papua often labelled the mini Raja Ampat. Triton Bay is an up and coming site known for its magnificent scenery, limestone like islands, abundant marine life and alluring flora and fauna.


The Asmat region is located southwest of the Papua province located on the western island of New Guinea. Getting its name from the region it covers but also the Asmat tribe who inhabit it.
Sulawesi N (3)Sulawesi N (3)


Within its many islands, North Sulawesi is a treasure trove of opportunities to explore the natural environments of endemic, sought after species above and below the water as well as cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes.
Spice (3)Spice (3)


Due to their remote location, the islands known as the Spice Islands are rarely visited by tourists but provide a spectacular cruising ground for yachts.
Ambon (1)Ambon (1)


Known as Ambon Manise meaning sweet or beautiful. The capital city of Ambon has been developed by the cultivation and trade of spices and is the largest city of Maluku Province. Colonized by Portugal in 1526 who were later driven out by the Dutch until Indonesia’s independence in 1945.
Manuk (1)Manuk (1)


Located nearly one hundred miles off the Banda Islands is the andesitic volcanic island of Manuk. The island rises 3000 meters from the Banda sea floor at the easternmost part of the Indonesian Island arc.
Forgotten IslandsForgotten Islands


The Forgotten Islands is a remote part of the archipelago that comprises a total land mass of 75,000 square kilometres and encompasses 1027 islands where terrains vary from forested mountainous peaks to flat islands mostly dominated by savannah, mangroves and broadleaf forests.
Kai Islands (7)Kai Islands (7)


The Kai Islands (or Kei Islands) are a group of islands in the south-east of Maluku Province and a sought after venue for watersport. Diving, snorkelling pristine beaches and land exploration such as caving, trekking and climbing are all possible.
Halmahera (2)Halmahera (2)


Pulau Halmahera is the largest island in the Maluku Island province shaped with four mountainous peninsulas and scores of active volcanoes. The area is dotted with scenic lakes, caves and surrounding islands some of which are still unexplored.
Morotai (7)Morotai (7)


Located north of the larger island of Halmahera in the province of North Maluku, Morotai Island was once a World War II military base and airfield for the Japanese.
Sumatra N (7)Sumatra N (7)


Stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Strait of Melaka, North Sumatra borders Aceh province on the northwest with Riau and West Sumatra provinces to the southeast.


The Mentawais are a chain of about seventy islands and islets approximately 150 kilometres off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia with the islands lying off the Sumatran coast across the Mentawai Strait.
Sunda (1)Sunda (1)


The Sunda Strait lies between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra and connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean with one of the world’s most famous active volcanoes, Krakatoa.


The Indonesian province of South Kalimantan is one which is located on Borneo Island and native to the Banjar tribe which make up the majority of the population still holding a rich indigenous culture.
Anambas (5)Anambas (5)


The Anambas Islands are part of the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Located in the South China Sea between the Natuna Islands and Singapore, formed by lagoons which separate the island group.
Java (4)Java (4)


Central Java is one of Indonesia’s richest and most diverse regions. From dramatic landscapes perfect for hiking to taking in the view from on top of Mt Merapi.
Flores (1)Flores (1)


The beauty of Flores begins with its name meaning flower in Portugese. The island which possesses a myriad of environments and scents hailing from coffee roasting in the hills and clove cigarettes to the unmissable scent of the ocean.
Alor (4)Alor (4)


Nestled at the eastern end of Nusa Tenggara is the Alor Archipelago encompassing 20 islands and 17 subdistricts the government protected area hosts an array of splendours, attracting avid divers and those wishing to understand the unique culture of the highland people.
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